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What's new in 7.6.1

(Release Date: 30 April 2024)

1. Setting up base for new version

What's new in 7.6.0

(Release Date: 10 April 2024)

1. Multiple Bug Fixes

What's new in 7.5.8

(Release Date: 19 March 2024)

1. Display Signature in between of authorize signatory
2. Create first company while registering user
3. Multiple save option on create voucher (sales, purchase, SR, PR)
4. Batch wise and warehouse wise import item from excel
5. Monthly company stats email
6. Item filter in inventory summary report
7. Display Subscription details on home page
8. New path for bk folder (in appdata for issue releated to onedrive sync/permission etc.)
9. Shortcut for Sales Return, Purchase Return and Manufacturing Journal in view transactions
10. Send monthly business summary on mail
11. Total in Account Group Balance Report
12. Bug fix for eWayBill create JSON
13. Bug fix for eWayBill and eInvoice credentials save at company level
14. Bug fix in Create multiple Expense
15. Bug fix in UI for POS cash tender
16. Bug fix for Stock account in BKWeb company
17. Bug fix for HSN Search crash
18. Bug fix for Migrate company on BKWeb

What's new in 7.5.6

(Release Date: 7 Feb 2024)

1. Share Invoice on WhatsApp option on View Invoice window
2. Changes in User Registration
3. Bifurcated Inward-Outward Inv Summary report
4. Bug Fix-Upload company on BKWeb
5. Bug Fix-Eway Bill for Unregistered Person
6. Bug Fix-Barcode search

What's new in 7.5.4

(Release Date: 6 Feb 2024)

1. Eway Bill and EInvoice format changed
2. Bug Fixes

What's new in 7.5.1

(Release Date: 29 Dec 2023)

1. Upload local company on BKWeb for Gold users
2. Reference Number in VAT (GCC) report
3. Editable Unit Of Measure when no transaction is made
4. Smart search for Item and service in create voucher
5. Bangla Language
6. Display balance opening amount in Payment and ReceiptSet Off
7. Enter cost of goods in case of Sale return for inventory calculation
8. Old FIFO reintroduced
9. Setting for display type of outstanding amt in invoice
10. Bug fixes

What's new in 7.5.0

(Release Date: 8 Nov 2023)

1. Support for both .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.6.1
2. Party wise sales register above 1 Lakh
3. Party wise Purchase register above 1 Lakh
4. Balance Confiramtion in Ledger report
5. BKWeb in front tab in Create Company
6. Export customers to Excel
7. Export suppliers to Excel
8. Export other accounts to Excel
9. Bug fix for special GSTIN
10. Bug fix for WebView (For Windows 7 & 8)
11. Bug fix for usrname validation in user management
12. Bug fix for device not register
13. Bug fix for batch ON on create new company
14. Bug fix for TCS in eWayBill

What's new in 7.4.5

(Release Date: 31 Oct 2023)

1. Introducing gold Plan

What's new in 7.4.3

(Release Date: 5 Sep 2023)

1. New - Custom Print/PDF settings in template settings for vouchers and ledgers direct print and PDF conversion.
2. New - New Inventory valuation methods WAVG.
3. New - Users can generate E-Invoice in case of Dropbox or local companies.
4. New - Save E-Waybill and eInvoice values.
5. New - In BKWeb estimates can be Marked Open/Close.
6. New - In BKWeb Invoice can be Marked Paid/Unpaid.
7. New - Pincode is auto filled in eInvoice from buyer details.
8. New - New font for view invoice : Verdana
9. New - More font sizes for invoice.
10. New - Display Inventory summary report in alphabetical order.
11. Bug fix for tax in edit estimate.
12. Bug fix for Additional cess in GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B.
13. Bug fix for open vouchers from report link.
14. Bug fix for generating E-Invoice for free qty items.
15. Bug fix in inventory valuation for FIFO PR/SR.
16. Bug fix for template setting in windows 7

What's new in 7.4.2

(Release Date: 13 Jul 2023)

1. Party wise sales register above 1 Lakh
2. Party wise Purchase register above 1Lakh
3. Balance Confirmation in Ledger report
4. BKWeb in front tab in createCompany
5. Export customers to Excel
6. Export suppliers to Excel
7. Export other accounts to Excel
8. Bug fix for special GSTIN
9. Bug fix for WebView (For Windows 7 & 8)
10. Bug fix for usrname validation in user management
11. Bug fix for device not register
12. Bug fix for batch ON on create new company
13. Bug fix for TCS in EWayBill

What's new in 7.4.1

(Release Date: 12 Jun 2023)

1. New Invoice Template
2. Display Reference Doc in Day Book report
3. Restrict user to create voucher with insufficient inventory
4. Compatible with both .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.6.1
5. Bug Fix - Send Email button fix in view invoice
6. Bug Fix - DC filter in Day Book report.

What's new in 7.4.0

(Release Date: 18 May 2023)

1. Upgraded to .NET 4.6.1
2. Bug Fixes

What's new in 7.3.9

(Release Date: 17 May 2023)

1. Save GST E-Invoice credentials companywise
2. Three extra fields for Multiple Pricing
3. Bug fix - Subscription Login for BKWeb demo
4. Bug fix - Company Icon (Local/Dropbox/Web)
5. Bug fix - Import PO/SO for decimal values in rate and quantity
6. Bug fix -Bug Fix- Additional Cess in E-Invoicing
7. Bug fix - Profit calculation in case of FIFO with PR/SR
8. Bug fix - Open report in word/excel for arabic language system
9. Bug fix- GST eInvoicing

What's new in 7.3.7

(Release Date: 1 May 2023)

1. Save GST E-Invoice credentials companywise
2. Bug fix - Subscription Login for BKWeb demo
3. Bug fix - Company source Icon (Local/Dropbox/Web)
4. Bug fix - Import PO/SO for decimal values in rate and quantity
5. Bug fix - Additional Cess in E-Invoicing
6. Bug fix - Profit calculation in case of FIFO with PR/SR
7. Bug fix - Open report in word/excel for arabic language system

What's new in 7.3.6

(Release Date: 9 Apr 2023)

1. Customer wise discount
2. Default Path for opening company
3. Server optimization (Fetch in phases)
4. Bug fix- eInvoice for Duplicate voucher
5. Bug fix- Multiple rate in case of BKWeb
6. Bug fix- Whatsapp Reminder

What's new in 7.3.4

(Release Date: 9 Mar 2023)

1. Bug Fixes for WhatsApp & BKWeb Company

What's new in 7.3.1

(Release Date: 2 Feb 2023)

1. Change BKWeb Company to Local
2. Share BKWeb company with another user
3. Display MRP option in inventory Detail Report
4. Bug fixes

What's new in 7.2.8

(Release Date: 2 Jan 2023)

1. Launching Sync via Book Keeper Web for New Companies
2. Add Landing Cost in Items
3. Add Physical Stock Entry
4. Warehouse permissions for users
5. Disable Sales Persons who have left the company
6. Disable unused Manufacturing Templates 7. Partner Details in Contact Us screen
8. Warehouse wise option in Inventory Summary Report
9. Bug fixes

What's new in 7.2.4

(Release Date: 12 Oct 2022)

1. Setting up base for next major release
2. New - UI for Open Company
3. New - eInvoicing support up to 5Cr Turnover
4. New - eWay Bill option along with eInvoice
5. Bug fixes

What's new in 7.2.0

(Release Date: 19 Jul 2022)

1. Setting up base for next major release
2. New - UI for create company
3. New - GST Details in Sales Register report
4. New - Batch filter type
5. Bug fixes

What's new in 7.1.94

(Release Date: 30 Jun 2022)

1. Bug fix for WhatsApp
2. Note - Book Keeper Web will stop working from 15 July 2022.

What's new in 7.1.93

(Release Date: 13 Jun 2022)

1. New - Automatic E-Invoice
2. New - Addition of state code 97 for other territories
3. New - Book a Demo request via WhatsApp
4. New - Improved WhatsApp Integration
5. Bug fix for UPI QR-Code with company header off
6. Bug fix for GSTR1 eReturn and Json
7. Bug fix for zero rate and zero Qty warning
8. Bug fix for Send SMS with items

What's new in 7.1.9

(Release Date: 25 Feb 2022)

1. New - E-Way Bill (Bill To - Ship To)
2. New - Book a demo user for new users
3. New - Welcome Email for usr ids
4. New- Arabic language is now open to all
5. Bug fix

What's new in 7.1.7

(Release Date: 08 Dec 2021)

1. Bug fix in setup
2. Bug fix in QR code for GCC
3. Bug fix in date selector
4. Bug fix for enabling VAT GCC, shortcut will now work

What's new in 7.1.5

(Release Date: 22 Nov 2021)

1. Single Invoice Series
2. Multiple DC to Single invoice
3. E-Invoice QR code for GCC countries
4. Bug Fix: Permission for multiple rate selection in buyer details

What's new in 7.1.0

(Release Date: 01 Sep 2021)

1. New - Import Receipt from customer from Excel
2. New - Import Payment to supplier via Excel
3. New - Send message via WhatsApp
4. New - Send pay slip via Email
5. New - Company password reset automatically via Email
6. Bug Fixes

What's new in 7.0.7

(Release Date: 18 Jun 2021)

1. New - Tools > Cheque Manager
2. New - Display Tax Summary Option in Invoice
3. New - Import Employees From Excel
4. New - Interface Changed for Transaction Settings
5. New - Tax Rate Column in GSTR1
6. Bug Fixes

What's new in 7.0.6

(Release Date: 03 Jun 2021)

1. New - Multiple Pricing Level
2. New - Quick & Multiple Mode Receipt
3. Bug Fixes

What's new in 7.0.5

(Release Date: 18 May 2021)

1. New- Advance Payment Feature in payroll
2. New - Free quantity
3. New - Edit/Delete Estimate/PO for user
4. New - Display name & Address Line1/2 in Customer Supplier List
5. New - Barcode permission in user
6. New - Multiple Discount
7. New - Auto round off
8. New - GSTR3B for 3 months
9. New - Nepali date in Purchase Register Report
10. Bug Fix - GSTR2A reconciliation for multiple tax and multiple sheets
11. Bug fix - Error 1535 while opening Book Keeper
12. Bug Fix - E-Invoicing

What's new in 7.0.4

(Release Date: 01 April 2021)

1. New - Audit Trail is not Mandatory.
You can enable it from Settings > Company Settings.


What's new in 7.0.3

(Release Date: 31 March 2021)

1. New - Audit Trail for Indian Users
2. New - E-Invoicing via JSON is available
3. Bug Fixes

What's new in 7.0.2

(Release Date: 23 Feb 2021)

1. New - Book Keeper Web
2. New - Auto Import of Users Vouchers
3. New - New section of Uncertain Transactions in GSTR1 report
4. New - Import other account from excel
5. New - Reconciliation for GSTR2 and GSTR2A
6. New - Mandatory UQC while creating Unit Of Measure for GST Company
7. New - Link to validate company GSTIN while creating company
8. New - Active Item Filter in Item Summary Report
9. New - Narration in Outstanding and Payable Report

What's new in 6.6.1

(Release Date: 08 Jan 2021)

1. New - Latest format for GSTR1
2. New - Import PO/Estimate From Excel option added in Tools > Import Transactions From Excel
3. Bug fix - GST@0.25% in GSTR3B


What's new in 6.5.9

(Release Date: 08 Dec 2020)

1. New - Company Specific Cashfree Settings
2. New - Option to Select Bank Account in Online Invoice Payment Settings to Create Auto Receipts
3. New - Cashfree Payment link Can Be Sent in Invoice SMS via %%paymentlink%% Tag in Message Settings.


What's new in 6.5.8

(Release Date: 03 Dec 2020)

1. Bug fixes in Online Invoice Payments
2. Bug fixes in Manufacturing Journal
3. Video links updated

What's new in 6.5.5

(Release Date: 24 Nov 2020)

1. New - Accepts Online Invoice Payments [ENG Video][HINDI Video]
2. New - Password for Deleting Transaction [ENG Video][HINDI Video]
3. New - Nepali date in Tax Register
4. New - Option to Display Bank/Cheque Details in Ledger [ENG Video][HINDI Video]
5. New - New place of supply for Leh/Ladakh, Daman & Diu Watch Video
6. New - Item Image in Estimate [ENG Video] [HINDI Video]
7. Bug Fix - Total Quantity in Invoice

What's new in 6.5.2

(Release Date: 20 Oct 2020)

1. New - Create Delivery Challan
2. Bug Fix - Discount Percentage and Amount in create voucher
3. Bug Fix - FIFO calculation

What's new in 6.4.1

(Release Date: 21 Jul 2020)

1. New - Create Product Catalogue option in Inventory Summary Report.
2. New - Item Image in Inventory Summary Report.
3. New - Add shipping detail in create invoice for display in template 3.
4. New - Display 'Rate Per' column setting for invoice.
5. Bug Fix - Purchase view when display batch expiry in description setting is ON.
6. Bug Fix - Fetch last purchase discount.
7. Bug Fix - Cheque printing option after payment of supplier is made with cheque mode.
8. Bug Fix - Send Email option while creating voucher.
9. Bug Fix - Rate change automatically when value is changed in On Total mode.
10.Bug Fix - Discount amount in create voucher.

What's new in 6.3.8

(Release Date: 24 Jun 2020)

1. New - Now set rate in secondary unit as well in case of compound unit item.
2. New - Add discount in estimate/purchase order on common mode.
3. New - Add round off in estimate/purchase order
4. New - Cash tender details in view Invoice
5. New - Multiple modes for bank details like Cheque, DD, Credit Card, UPI etc…
6. New - Template3, Template3-Box and Template3-ColorBox
7. New - Import Account group, credit limit, and remarks from Excel
8. Bug Fix - Setting Item active and inactive
9. Bug Fix - Multiple voucher print
10. Bug Fix - Customer Supplier List for link click
11.Bug Fix - Display zero qty warning
12.Bug Fix - POS add quantity while adding same item

What's new in 6.3.7

(Release Date: 09 Jun 2020)

1. New - Display Qty In Compound Unit Format
2. New - Single Level Account Group
3. New - Zero Rate/ Zero Quantity Warning Setting While Creating Voucher
4. New - Item Image in Sales Invoice
5. New - Credit Limit for Account
6. New - Remarks Field for Account
7. New - Company Wise Message Setting
8. Bug Fix - Warehouse wise closing inventory
9. Bug Fix - Cash Invoice Set Off
10.Bug Fix - Convert to Excel In Customer Supplier List

What's new in 6.3.6

(Release Date: 11 May 2020)

1. New - Warehouse wise Opening/Closing quantity in Inventory Item Details report
2. New - Account name filter in Tax Register report
3. New - Logo in Template1-FullBox
4. New - Users can add multiple serial number/IMEI while creating Purchase/Sale
5. New - serial number/IMEI can be tracked in Inventory Tracking Report
6. New - Item Stock Level Enquiry now shows Serial number/IMEI details as well
7. New - Item Stock Level Enquiry option is also available in Inventory Tracking Report
8. New - New option in Template Settings > Misc > show Batch/Expiry in separate column
9. New - New option in Transaction Settings > Use Batch column as barcode to scan serial number/IMEI directly
10. Bug fixes.

What's new in 6.3.4

(Release Date: 15 Apr 2020)

1. New - Default Sales Account option in Transaction Settings
2. New - Sales Register > Sales Person wise details (if Salesperson is on)
3. New - Sales Register > Customer wise details (if Salesperson is off)
4. New - Customer filter in outstanding Receivable/Payable
5. New - Customer filter in Aged Payable/Receivable report
6. New - Category wise option in Inventory Tracking Report
7. New - Send Reminder to send SMS to multiple parties (use Shift key)
8. New - Send Promotional or Customize SMS option to send multiple parties
9. New - UOM in separate column in Inventory Summary report
10. Bug Fix - UI issue fixed when IGST@40% doesn't exist while changing to Interstate.

What's new in 6.3.3

(Release Date: 7 Apr 2020)

1. New - Generate Eway Bill from User
2. New - Video Tutorial list has been updated
3. New - Default Account Reset option under Windows Specific Settings
4. New - Default Sales Account option in Transaction Settings
5. New - Show Discount, Tax and Value in Ledger report under Inventory Details
6. Bug Fix - Authorized Signatory in next line in Estimate/Purchase Order
7. Bug Fix - Item Duplicate issue
6. Bug Fix - P&L issue in Split Company

What's new in 6.3.1

(Release Date: 12 Feb 2020)

1. New - Setting for selecting last state in address
2. New - Email Settings
3. New - Nepali Date in outstanding payable and receivable report
4. New - Save & View option in Income/Expense/Journal
5. New - Settings to allow Admin to modify Sub-Total
6. Optimization - Inventory Summary Report
7. Optimization - Aged Payable Receivable Report
8. Bug Fix - Bank Reconciliation
9. Bug Fix - While importing item for tally when batch expiry is on.
10.Bug Fix - in GSTR1 when there is no item
11.Bug Fix - in profit & loss in Trial Balance

What's new in 6.2.9

1. New - Getting started for first time user.
2. New - Nepali date in Payroll.
3. New - Customer Supplier wise discount.
4. New - Insert reason for cancel voucher
5. Optimization - Balance Sheet Report
6. Optimization - Trial Balance Report
7. Optimization - Cash Flow Statement Report
8. Optimization - Profit & Loss Report
9. Optimization - Chart Of All Account Report
10.Optimization - Display Accounts
11.Optimization - Display and Search Items
12.Improvement - UPI QR code space adjustment in invoice.
13.Improvement - Manufacturing Journal shortcut key in view all transaction.
14.Improvement - Date filter in Tax Register
15.Improvement - Invoice value filter in Tax Register
16.Improvement - 'Not Equal To' quantity filter in Inventory Summary Report
17.Improvement - PDF Converter
18.Bug Fix - Payroll
19.Bug Fix - VAT GCC Report
20.Bug Fix - Customer Supplier List for Cash account

What's new in 6.2.8

1. New - Payroll Feature
2. New - Addons/Custom Reports
3. New - GSTR1 JSON new format
4. New - Receipt detail in invoice
5. New - Import Amazon Sales
6. New - Import Flipkart Sales
7. New - ITC Reversal
8. New - Ineligible ITC
9. New - Invoice format for GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).
10.New - Import masters from QuickBooks
11.Improvement - GSTR9
12.Improvement - Optimization for Nepali date
13.Improvement - Addition of page orientation in cheque printing
14.Bug Fix - Send SMS
15.Bug Fix - Auto PDF generator
16.Bug Fix - Email Configuration

What's new in 6.2.5

1. New - GSTR9
2. New - Integration of Dot Matrix Printer
3. New - Validation for User Initials
4. New - Now configure emails with domain linked to GMAIL
5. New - Automatic Naming of PDF Generated according to Voucher Type
6. New - User permission required for changing Sub Total
7. New - Import master from Zoho
8. New - Same shipping address option in Create Account
9. New - Same mode as per last crated Purchase order/Estimate
10.New - Automatic E-Way bill submission
11.New - Automatic GSTIN number validator (With limit of 10 per Day)
12.New - Custom SMS API Integration
13.New - Header ON-OFF setting for Estimate same as Invoice
14.New - Envelop printing
15.New - Multi-line Address on Envelop by using
16.Bug Fix in GSTR3B
17.Improvement in Import From Tally
18.Bug Fix for Duplicate/Split Company in case of batch-expiry feature ON
19.Bug Fix for FIFO inventory report
20.Bug Fix for Discount in view Estimate on ON-Total mode

What's new in 6.2.4

1. NEW - Cancel Bill
2. NEW - Buyer GSTIN in cash invoice
3. NEW - Display setting for Item Panel
4. NEW - Country validation in create account
5. NEW - Bug fix for sync with busy
6. NEW - Updated new E-Way bill
7. NEW - SMS integration
8. New - Bank filter in sales register
9. New - Import journal for multiple entries
10.New - Contract Accounting
11.Improvement in Barcode printing
12.Improvement in cheque printing
13.Improvement in Universal Search
14.Bug Fix for CDNUR in GSTR1
15.Bug Fix in batch qty display
16.Bug fix in Sync with Tally
17.Bug fix for FIFO
18.Bug fix in e-mail Estimate
19.Bug fix for create PDF
20.Bug fix for logo with JPEG format

What's new in 6.2.0

1. New - Service in Credit Note & Debit Note.
2. New - All new setting for Barcode Generator.
3. New - Set-Off of invoice in Purchase of Sundry Debtor and Set-Off of Purchase in Invoice of Sundry Creditor.
4. New - Automatically adjust voucher Amount in Advance amount while doing Set-Off.
5. New - Create Invoice/Purchase from multiple Estimate/Purchase Order.
6. New - Tax breakup in Estimate view.
7. New - Automatically select TAX in On-Total mode based on default Tax of first item in list.
8. New - Addition of new SMS service provider
9. New - Dispatch Detail in Credit Note & Debit Note.
10.New - Time Stamp in Invoice.
11.New - Set-Off Invoice number in Receipt/Payment SMS.
12.New - Display account balance according to selected financial year in account list.
13.New - Reporting period selected according to selected financial year.
14.New - Addition of Bank Group and Cash Group filter for Inventory summary report.
15.New - Introduction of VAT Return report for Gulf Countries (GCC).
16.Updated - Help videos.
17.Bug Fix - User Permission for Item Stock Level Enquiry.
18.Bug Fix - Sales report Gross Profit Total.
19.Bug Fix - Place Of Supply for Cash Credit Note & Cash Debit Note in GSTR1(CDNUR).
20.Bug Fix - Service description in estimate.

What's new in 6.1.71

1. New - Import Masters From Busy
2. New - Reordering Level in Items While Importing From Excel
3. New - Default Unit Of Measure Set To Nos.
4. New - Password is mandatory For Sync
5. New - Mandatory Place Of Supply For GST India
6. New - Items Can Be Rearranged While Creating Invoice
7. New - On Total/Per Item Mode Can Be Changed While Creating Invoice
8. New - Book Keeper Will Remember Company Pincode While Generating E-Way Bill
9. Bug Fix - In Import Masters From Tally
10. Bug Fix - In Delivery Note
11. Bug Fix - In Adding New Batch In Sales Voucher
12. Bug Fix - In Currency Symbol

What's new in 6.1.4

1. New - Device Details in Admin users
2. New - Reordering Level in Items
3. New - Location details in Day Book report
4. New - Authorized Signatory in next line
5. New - Template1-ColorBox added

What's new in 6.1.2

1. New - Device Details Changes
2. New - Duplicate/Split company allowed in Admin2
3. New - Company wise Settings
4. New - Check Item Stock Level
5. New - Colour indication for expired products
6. New - Secondary Address option in Envelope Printing
7. New - Item History in Estimate/Purchase Order/Purchase
8. New - Multiline description in Item & Barcode
9. New - Include SR/PR in Best Customer/Supplier List
10. New - Tally Export permissions in Admin2

What's new in 6.1.1

1. New - Faster loading Buyer option while creating Invoice
2. Bug fix in EWay bill option
3. Bug fix in Display All Amount option
4. Bug fix in Customer Supplier List for Zero Balance

What's new in 6.1.0

1. New - Batch/Expiry feature
2. New - Multiple admin support
3. New - Option for Sending SMS in Pakistan
4. New - Estimate/PO option in Day Book report
5. New - Directly convert Purchase to Purchase Return and Sales to Sales Return
6. New - Alternate row color in Reports
7. New - Profit Calculation on Gross Revenue in Sales Register
8. New - Search by Phone/Email id in All Accounts
9. New - Default Warehouse functionality now works in all vouchers
10. New - Deep Linking in GSTR3B/GSTR1/GSTR2/GSTR4 reports
11. New - Barcode column can be renamed and used for other purpose like SKU
12. New - Additional columns in invoice like Height/Weight/Size/Count etc
13. New - Landscape orientation in Envelope Printing
14. New - Additional details in Purchase Register
15. Bug fix in Best Selling Items to avoid returned items
16. Bug fix in validating numerical email ids
17. Other small Bug fixes

What's new in 5.9.88

1. Performance Improvements in Sales Register
2. Performance Improvements in Purchase Register
3. Performance Improvements in Customer Supplier List
4. Performance Improvements in Monthly Breakdown
5. Performance Improvements in Cash Flow report
6. New - Deep Linking In Account Group Balance Report
7. New - Shortcuts: Alt+2: Duplicate, Alt+D: Delete
8. Bug Fix - Auto Adjust Description Column In Invoice
9. Bug Fix - Barcode Fix In Inventory Item Search
10. Bug Fix - Warehouse check In Import
11. Bug Fix - Include Service In GSTR1/GSTR3B Nil Rated/Exempted
12. Various Internal Improvements

Faster Book Keeper

What's new in 5.9.84

1. New- Bulk Print option for all type of vouchers
2. New- Date format: dd-MMM-yy and dd-MMM-yyyy
3. New- Item name up to 42 characters long while creating voucher
4. New- Settings for Compute Price of Raw Material
5. New- Auto Backup on date change
6. New- Export To Tally option
7. New- Auto Backup when Book Keeper is not closed for long time
8. New- Convert Purchase To Sale option
9. New- Option to Compute Rate Of Raw Material In Manufacturing Journal
10. Bug Fix in GSTR1 for Inactive Items
11. Bug Fix for composition scheme
12. Performance improvements

What's new in 5.9.8

1. New- Customize A/C Payee option in Cheque Printing
2. New- Customer/Vendor name, Outstanding amount while sending message
3. New- Supplier Invoice Number in View All Transactions
4. New- Envelope Printing (Tools > Envelope Printing)
5. New- Duplicate Option for items
6. New- Bulk delete of transactions
7. New- Tax Registration No. 3 for customers/suppliers
8. New- Include Opening Balance of Expense/Income accounts in Ledger/Trial Balance report
9. Split and Duplicate Company option is now available

What's new in 5.9.6

1. New- Composition Scheme
2. New- Permissions for Users
3. Various bug fixes & internal improvements

What's new in 5.9.3

1. New- Nature of Transaction option while creating Sale/Purchase
2. New- Payment option within software
3. New- Options in Barcode Printing
4. New- Additional Cess option
5. Various bug fixes

What's new in 5.8.2

1. New- Eway Bill new format for JSON
2. New- Options while making Duplicate Company
3. New- Options in Ledger Report and Trial Balance
4. New- Option for Receipt Against Opening Balance
5. Various bug fixes

What's new in 5.7.2

1. New- Multiple Debit/Credit Journal Voucher
2. New- Description column in Estimate/Purchase Order
3. New- Treat Service as Other Charge option
4. New- E-Way Bill Changes
5. New- JSON format for GSTR3B
6. New- Warehouse details in Delivery Note
7. New- Total count and quantity while creating voucher
8. New- Email option in Credit/Debit Note
9. New- FAQ option in Help section
10.New- Number of lines settings works for Estimate as well
11.Bug fix in Recurring option in Inventory Adjustment and Manufacturing
12.Bug fix for Alt+F2 in Estimate/Purchase Order
13.Bug fix for PDC date in Cheque Printing
14.Bug fix for Telangana in Place of supply
15.Change in Barcode printing to display all items
16.Change in GSTR3B to display state wise details in section 3.2

EWay Bill GST India, file your GSTR3B

What's new in 5.6.3

1. New- Edit/Delete buttons for company logo/signature
2. New- Default Tax Account in Service
3. New- Pending files for import count in User Management
4. New- Enable Customer Supplier Wise Item Rate
5. New- Option to Switch Company
6. New- State name in customer address
7. Bug fix in HSN Summary in GSTR1
8. Bug fix where login was prompted multiple times
9. Bug fix for company logo in every invoice

What's new in 5.6.2

1. Minor issue fixed in Bank Reconciliation
2. Minor issue fixed in GSTR3B and GSTR2
3. Import multiple items in Purchase/Sale from Excel
4. Easily create customer/supplier/Item/Service in Purchase/Sale Order
5. Easily create expense/income in Expense/Income voucher
6. Changes in Delivery note to display Dispatch Details and Purchase Order Number
7. POS System Changes
8. Other minor bug fixes

What's new in 5.5.9

1. Import Masters (Accounts/Items) From Tally
2. New Transactions Settings Menu
3. Option to set customize date for creating transactions
4. Compound Unit of Measure
5. Option to select Expense accounts in Sales vouchers
6. Inventory Adjustment option in Transactions
7. Bug fix in Cheque Printing
8. New option in Cheque Printing for A/c Payee
9. Bug fix in Split and Duplicate company
10. Warning for duplicate Supplier Reference Number
11. Bug fix for sending message via SMSAlert website
12. Color option for Partial bills in Ledger
13. Bug fix in HSN Summary in GSTR1 and GSTR2
14. Currency symbol in Send Reminder
15. Enable POS option in Transaction Settings
16. Customize option for Bill To/Invoice Number/Date/Date Date/Subtotal/Total etc.
17. Bug fix for unable to open Browser while installing Email Utility
18. Bug fix for admin in User Management
19. Total inward/outward option in Inventory Summary report
20. Minor bug fix in Receipt/Payment against invoice

What's new in 5.5.3

1. Bug fix in Nepali date
2. Bank details in Expense/Income/Journal
3. Best Customers/Top Suppliers limit changed to 100
4. New columns in Import Items
5. Import Transactions From Excel options added
6. Multiplier in Manufacturing Journal
7. Display Name in Customer/Supplier List
8. Filters in Inventory Item Details, Ledger, Day Book reports
9. Owner SMS option
10. Send Reminder option for outstanding template
11. Daily collection on dashboard
12. GSTR4 report
13. VAT Option added for GCC Countries
14. 3 digit decimal place bug fix for amount in words
15. Warehouse/Salesperson names can be changed now
16. Display Item Description option in Inventory Summary Report
17. Supplier Invoice Number in Receipt/Payment/SR/PR
18. 6 digits decimal place option added
19. Bug fix for validation GSTIN
20. Bug fix in Bank Reconciliation

What's new in 5.4.7

1. e-return GSTR2
2. Item mode in Purchase/Sales order
3. Minor change in Main Menu
4. Bug fix in Purchase/Sales Return price
5. Phone number in outstanding report
6. Color templates in invoice settings

What's new in 5.4.6

1. Menu option in accounts for editing/deleting
2. Faster editing/deleting of accounts/items and unit of measure.
3. Conflicted files wont be available
4. Bug fix in Tax Register
5. Bug fix in GSTR1
6. Bug fix in Estimate/PO
7. Bug fix in Email Invoice
8. UTGST changes
9. Post dated invoice and journal
10.Cheque details in receipt/payment

What's new in 5.4.4

1. Place Of Supply while creating invoice
2. TDS option while creating receipt/payment
3. Bug fixes in GSTR3B

What's new in 5.4.2

1. Critical Bug Fixes
2. Automatically select Local/Interstate
3. Cess column in invoice
4. Email option
5. HSN Summary in invoice
6. GSTR1 new format
7. Nepali date in reports
8. Cost column in Sales Register
9. Total quantity while creating voucher
10. Estimate/PO status sync in user/admin
11. Bug fixes in finding state code

What's new in 5.3.7

1. Bug fix for arithmetic overflow error
2. Now you can set item price inclusive/exclusive in item master
3. No need to set barcode values everytime
4. New sleek format in ledger report
5. Faster creation of customer/supplier in invoice/purchase
6. Quantity option in Purchase Register
7. Bug fix while updating service
8. Bug fix for print invoice after voucher entry
9. MRP column in item master
10. Bug fix for 2 times tax percentage in invoice/purchase
11. Show 20 best customer/supplier list
12. Bug fix in duplicate/split company
13. Nepali date option
14. 0.01 bug fix in invoice/purchase
15. Dispatch details in purchase
16. Negative units warning while creating invoice/purchase return

What's new in 5.3.4

1. Bug fix in e-Return: GSTR1
2. GSTR2 report

What's new in 5.3.3

1. e-Return: GSTR1
2. Bug fixes in GSTR1
3. Bug fixes in configure message settings

What's new in 5.3.1

1. Bug fixes & new tables in GSTR1
2. Cheque printing while making Payment To Supplier
3. State code and other minor changes in Buyer Details
4. Total taxable value in invoice
5. HSN column in Estimate/Purchase Order
6. Option to display Discount Value in invoice
7. Option to display Rate (Inc. Tax) in invoice
8. Other small bug fixes

What's new in 5.2.7

1. Option to choose barcode length while generating barcodes
2. GSTIN option in Customer Supplier List report
3. Warning while selecting wrong local/interstate invoice
4. Item details in Sales Register report
5. Tax amount in words
6. Option to verify and validate GSTIN while creating customer/supplier account
7. Bank details options added while creating accounts
8. Searchable main menu
9. GSTR-3B report and important dates
10. Delivery Note footer option added and removed (ALL) option

GSTR-3B form, file your GSTR3B

What's new in 5.2.1

1. Issue fixed for Estimate to Invoice for GST tax accounts
2. Tax on total is back for GST invoices
3. Auto populate buyer details
4. Hide discount column in invoice
5. Display company header option
6. Number of copies in invoice

What's new in 5.1.9

1. Option to display separate column for CGST/SGST/IGST
2. Option to bulk update HSN code in items
3. New option to display account Name without subgroup
4. State Code in invoice


What's new in 5.1.7

1. GST India Changes (GST complaint invoices/Taxes/HSN etc)
2. Item History while creating invoice
3. Decimal place for quantity
4. New Template Settings with configurable columns
5. Option to edit User Permissions
6. Arabic language support
7. Option to change date in ledger report


What's new in 5.0.9

1. Display last 3 receipt/payment in invoice/purchase
2. Full page invoice with number of items per page setting
3. Last invoice type changes
4. Search item name in Inventory Summary report
5. Global number format changes
6. Default option in Currency Format
7. No expiry message incase of monthly plans
8. Display Quantity option in Sales Register
9. Ref No changes in Ledger


What's new in 5.0.7

1. Multiple Invoice Print: Bulk Print option
2. Multiple Tax changes: GST Ready
3. Import item category/subcategory from Excel
4. Item category/subcategory changes in Inventory Summary report
5. Introducing Double Click: A New Way To Interact
6. Delete permission in User Management
7. Top 10 customer/supplier instead of 5
8. Best Selling Items on Dashboard
9. Account search via phone number/email id
10. Currency Symbol can now be changed in Company Settings
11. Option to change financial year in transactions list
12. Bug fix for increasing quantity for POS
13. Negative value fix for Expense/Income/Journal
14. Other bug fixes


What's new in 5.0.4

1. New & Improved Dashboard
2. While creating sale/purchase, you can now add expense/income in other charge
3. Optimized Book Keeper to save over extra 1000+ operations, making it super fast
4. New transactions/Delete/Edit transactions are now faster to reflect immediately without reloading
5. Setting up GST base
6. Other bug fixes


What's new in 5.0.2

1. Don't send SMS when SMS text is blank
2. New invoice template has been added with name: Tempalte1-FullBox
3. ALL option added in Account Group Balance to track different projects
4. Delete/Edit transactions are now faster to reflect immediately without reloading
5. New options to display company details in Ledger report
6. New options to display buyer list in Customer/Supplier List
7. Buyer details in Sales Register report
8. 2 copies print option in Invoice
9. Setting up GST base
10. Other bug fixes


What's new in 5.0.1

1. Item Catalog List: go to Reports > Inventory Summary Report. New options has been added to display Default Purchase/Sale Price.
2. New shortcut for creating Contra entry from home page.
3. New reports has been added and moved to Main Menu.
4. Estimate/Purchase Order can now be viewed from home page as well.
5. Settings will be updated for user whenever he refreshes the company.
6. Warning when Dropbox/Internet not working and sync is enabled.
7. Item table heading on every page in case of multi page invoice.
8. New options for importing user data to avoid duplicates and viewing import summary


What's new in 5.0.0

1. Support for Mac
2. Warehousing feature
3. Cat/Subcat total in inventory summary report
4. Select default accounts for SR/PR/Sale/Purchase
5. Removed duplicate accounts in SR/PR
6. No more error warning while importing same item
7. Warning message on sync when Dropbox is not running or internet not connected
8. Fetch recent price in mfg journal if available
9. F12 shortcut to save company/account/item
10. Total number of transactions based on transaction type in ledger
11. Shift+Enter to move back in create voucher/mfg grid
12. Dropbox icon is now visible only when company is open from Dropbox Apps folder
13. Last update time is now visible on top right cloud icon
14. Order by in other charge
15. Outstanding amount fixed in Invoice > Receipt from customer
16. Bug fix in create company with password and then pressing cancel
17. View Contra option has been added
18. Discount percentage in common mode
19. PDF export issue has been fixed when company file is open directly
20. MFG form opens again as soon as it is saved
21. Resolution fixed for Dashboard
22. Option to auto increase quantity when barcode is scanned
23. SMS feature
24. Other bug fixes.


What's new in 4.5.328

1. Improved search in All Accounts
2. Barcode/SKU search in Inventory
3. Faster transaction loading, item/service details are not loading bydefault
4. New user permissions to disable backdate and voucher number
5. Other charges are saved and displayed in order
6. Duplicate/Triplicate invoice options
7. Net amount in separate mode in invoice
8. Buyer details incase of cash/bank invoices
9. Bug fixes


What's new in 4.5.327

1. Direct print option for debit/credit note
2. Arabic change in insights
3. Value in debit/credit note was not being displayed in decimal


What's new in 4.5.326

1. Direct print option for invoices
2. PO reference number in invoice/purchase
3. Open all links in default Browser
4. Full item name not visible in create voucher
5. Insearch accounts
6. New "Insights" dashboard
7. Font size, font style in invoice template
8. Authorized signatory in delivery note


What's new in 4.5.325

1. Individual account details in ledger
2. Currency symbol now syncs and also is company specific
3. Null column fixes for status column


What's new in 4.5.324

1. Active/Inactive item changes
2. Sync Reference doc across devices
3. Default item purchase/sale price
4. Bad Request issue fixed
5. Dispatch details export/import fix
6. Journal create/view options
7. Purchase heading/footer option added
8. Extra items fix for account filter in inventory item details report
9. Bank and Bank OD account added in inventory reports
10. New item/service interface.


What's new in 4.5.323

1. Alt+F1: Close Company shortcut
2. Alt+F3: Company Settings shortcut
3. Round Off/Round off account under Indirect Income/Indirect Expense
4. Journal voucher can be set off now
5. SR/PR changed to credit/debit note
6. Due Date option in Invoice Settings
7. Search transaction fix: keep searching mode on
8. Refresh account option added in All Accounts
9. Bank and Bank OD added in Sale/Purchase/SR/PR
10. Units left are not being searched now in Inventory > Inventory Items
11. Add more items will be asked only in last column, rather than second last column
12. Item Description search in transactions view form
13. Filter in inventory summary report based on units_left
14. Internet check option added to make loading fast
15. Check Latest Version option added in Help > About Book Keeper


What's new in 4.5.322

1. Post Dated Voucher Report
2. Expense/Income option in Bank Reconciliation
3. Receipt/Payment displays setoff option
4. New auto sync similar to Android/iOS
5. Small changes in cheque printing


What's new in 4.5.321

1. Day Book voucher type filter + Day Book total
2. MFG Expense in MFG journal
3. Negative units color change in estimate/po, invoice/purchase, mfg journal
4. Monthly breakdown change in avg value depending on number of days in last month
5. Cheque printing (Beta Version)
6. New permission levels
7. Enable Auto Sync window without open company
8. User Transaction List report
9. User filter in sales/purchase register
10. New invoice template and template customization options
11. Show/hide item desc in invoice, debit/credit note, delivery note


What's new in 4.5.320

1. In common mode, user can type value directly, rate will be calculated automatically
2. PAID seal in fully paid invoices/purchases
3. New recurring changes
4. New service reports
5. Changes in tax computation report to include tax exempted transactions
6. Item search in Estimate/PO/Mfg journal
7. New purchase register report
8. New option for advance payment
9. Focus changes for adding item/service in invoice/purchase/estimate/po
10. Company path will be displayed on company menu


What's new in 4.5.319

1. Best Customers/Top Supplier Report
2. FIFO in sales register/inventory item report
3. Save & Receipt option
4. View Invoice after Voucher is back
5. Transactions datagrid page wise
6. Item search in Estimate/PO/Mfg journal
7. Open Company from Dropbox
8. Decimal Places: 4,5
9. Ctrl+Q now works in Buy Subscription window'
10. Login error message changed.


What's new in 4.5.317

1. Settings are now persistent
2. Fix for HD displays
3. Option added for printing Expense/Income/Journal vouchers
4. Account view permissions extended to - account group balance, customer supplier list, aged payable/receivable, outstanding receivable/payable
5. Sales view and purchase view permissions extended to ledger


What's new in 4.5.316

1. New template for Estimate/PO, Debit/Credit note, Mfg Journal, Receipt/Payment
2. Customer/Supplier/Cash filter in Inventory Item Details report
3. Outstanding balance in Receipt/Payment


What's new in 4.5.315

1. Admin remarks issue fixed
2. Item description added in ledger/daybook
3. Difference in opening balance in Balance Sheet/Trial Balance
4. Settings moved to sample db
5. New template for Invoice/Purchase
6. Editable invoice for invoice/purchase


What's new in 4.5.314

1. Password issue fixed


What's new in 4.5.313

1. Default focus and Enter focus fixed in Data Grids
2. Description added for user permissions
3. User with inventory view permissions can view inventory reports.


What's new in 4.5.312

1. Issue fixed in Duplicate/Split company where item has
2. Issue fixed, where admin remarks were null
3. Issue fixed for item price
4. Discount issue fixed in sales register/inventory reports
5. Issue fixed where account gets deleted even if transactions exists


What's new in 4.5.311

1. Option added to set default voucher date as current date
2. Issue fixed for due date
3. Items/services can be created in voucher/Mfg journal
4. Bug fixed for 31-Mar date
5. Multi User feature


What's new in 4.5.211

1. DateTime issue fixed for receipt/expense


What's new in 4.5.2

1. Due date issue fixed in Interest Calculation report
2. User Management feature
3. Multiple Journal
4. Monthly Breakdown report
5. Other minor fixes


What's new in 4.5.0

1. Customer/Supplier report changes for HTML issue
2. Company Logo/Signature for ' in company name
3. Tax report fix for purchase of services
4. Auto Sync form
5. Focus on tax company name in create company
6. Send feedback form
7. Future transactions in ALL
8. From/To date fix in reports
9. Tax computation detailed report
10. Currency subunit
11. Backup path removed
12. Dropbox notification
13. Removed old videos, added new videos
14. Other charge extended voucher, focus and color fix
15. Sale register bug fixed for a/c name
16. From/to date fix in sale register
17. Universal search updated
18. Optimized length of various macros
19. Import customers/suppliers from excel
20. Bug fixed in Customer/Supplier list for 0 balance accounts
21. Bug fixed in Inventory item details report for discount
22. Unknown Publisher resolved
23. Other small bug fixes
24. Stability improvements


What's new in 4.4.99

1. Bug fix in profit calculation in multiple mode in Inventory Item Details Report
2. Bug fix in Tax Computation Report
3. Bill From/Bill To changes
4. Option for don't show notification
5. Bug fixed in 1 year plus date in expense/income voucher
6. Bug fixed in import items from excel
7. Misc bug fixes and stability improvements


What's new in 4.4.98

1. Tax Computation Report with adjustments
2. Total Inward/Outward in All Item Report
3. Bug fixes for Create Duplicate & null cases for desc column


What's new in 4.4.971

1. Issue fixed for Word/Excel opening for space in username cases.


What's new in 4.4.97

1. Company level password
2. Estimate/Purchase Order Changes
3. Open file via dragging
4. Improved Universal Search
5. Open multiple reports at same time in Word/Excel
6. Multiple tax number fixed in Estimate/PO
7. Stock account
8. Mouse issue fixed in Transactions
9. Bug fixes to improve Stability


What's new in 4.4.96:

1. Major issue fixed, when config file got corrupt incase of power failure
2. Profits in Inventory Item Details report
3. Estimate/PO footer change
4. Right click issue fixed in Transaction list
5. Bill From/Bill To has been changed to To in Estimate/PO


What's new in 4.4.95:

1. Major bug fixes in Estimate/PO
2. Video tutorials added in Help menu
3. Estimate/PO can have services now
4. Estimate/PO Footer added
5. Create Duplicate option added in Estimate/PO


What's new in 4.4.94:

1. Items at top in Send Invoice
2. Purchase of services
3. Outstanding balance in invoice
4. Due date check in interest calculation
5. Duplicate company - don't carry forward balances
6. Split company on any date
7. Voucher number increment fix
8. Account group/subgroup report
9. Convert to sale/purchase > renamed to Make Invoice/Purchase
10. Amount In words in Estimate/Purchase order
11. Create account/expense/income forms now fits in 800x600 resolution
12. Windows update URL fixed, now it will directly download new versions.
13. Minor bug fixes, stability and Performance improvements.


What's new in 4.4.93:

1. Delivery note/Packing slip option added
2. New interest calculation reports
3. New sales register report
4. Bug fixes in Manufacturing journal
5. ' & " allowed everywhere
6. Small bug fixes and improved stability


What's new in 4.4.92

1. Desc column for purchase/sale/split company
2. ‘ and “ allowed in desc column
3. New reports format
4. Display signature/logo in invoice, if file exists
5. Currency symbol in invoice/receipt
6. Timeout in getLatestVersion
7. New invoice/receipt format
8. Shift+enter to move previous
9. Device verification rather than login
10. Ctrl+Q to exit Book Keeper
11. Manufacturing invoice
12. Random error fixes of Duplicate/expense voucher
13. ImageViewer added
14. Error fixed in reconcile empty grid view report
15. Add more item fixed in manufacturing journal
16. Manufacturing Shortcut fixed in Transaction type menu
17. Subscription expired random error fixed
18. Website URLs made clickable in subscription expired screen
19. Forgot password URL added in login screen
20. POSO list now shows context menu at mouse location
21. File tax return button removed
22. Receipt/Payment voucher directly from invoice list
23. Error fixed in duplicate company


What's new in 4.4.911

1. Crash Fix for Settings > Company Settings
2. Crash Fix for Close company database (crash coming because of 4.4.91 fix)


What's new in 4.4.91

1. Non BK file fixes
2. Discount column fix in invoice
3. Non numeric fixes for expense, other charge, receipt from customer forms


What's new in 4.4.9:

1. Onboarding for new users
2. Default currency symbol
3. Password error fix
4. Common Shortcuts across various forms
5. New shortcuts added at various places
6. Inventory item error fixed
7. Create voucher bug fixed
8. Symbol error fixed
9. Logo/signature error fixed
10. Multi-lined various fields
11. Ctrl+Q works universally now
12. Serial number in items in invoice
13. Running balance in ledger
14. Outstanding balance in invoice
15. Close company error fix incase of corrupt company
16. Other small bug fixes, improved UI, processing, stability.


What's new in 4.4.8

1. Manufacturing_pref fix
2. All item details reports added in inventory item details report
3. Receipt against invoice
4. Inventory Valuation Method: FIFO added
5. Transfer Profit/Loss
6. decimal places option added.
7. Demo and sample copied latest. 8. Bug Fixes.
9. New icons added in reports/main menu.
10. Shortcuts mapped with Tally.
11. Split Company fix
12. Duplicate/Split/Fix balance issue within company.
13. No need to open company everytime.
14. Item Description, unit symbol and service description added in search.
15. Manufacturing journal option added in universal search.


What's new in 4.4.7

1. Manufacturing Journal
2. Bug Fixes
3. All Items Details Report


What's new in 4.4.6

1. New theme
2. Fix for Duplicate Company
3. Fix for Due Date
4. New icons added
5. Aging report due date changed
6. Help added on each page


What's new in 4.4.5

1. Fix for Antivirus
2. Fix for VC++
3. Fix for SQLite
4. Color fix for frmService
5. Accounts related issue in new company
6. common mode fix in create voucher
7. .DB/.DB_BookKeeper_Backup fix
8. Setup/Splash Screen/About Us new image added
9. Icon added in "Vocher Created" message box.
10. Ctrl+M shortcut for item mode change
11. Reports can directly be open with Word/Excel


What's new in

1. Alter company Fix
2. BK-Session Start Email


What's new in 4.4.4

1. Multiple Discount/Tax in single Invoice/Purchase
2. Sales Against Invoice
3. Colorful Invoice Format
4. Bug Fixes
5. New User Manual


What's new in 4.4.3

1. Bug fixes
2. Shipping Address change
3. Due Date changes
4. UI improved
5. Units_left added in inventory items


What's new in 4.4.2

1. Spotlight Search
2. Bug fixes
3. Bank Recoincilation


What's new in 4.4.1

1. Cash Flow Report
2. Customer Supplier Report
3. UI Changes
4. Inventory bug fix
5. Other bug fixes


What's new in 4.4.0

1. New UI for accounts/transactions/voucher
2. Lots of bug fixes


What's new in 4.3.3

1. Transaction view focus on transactions
2. New bills reports added
3. Create account option added in create voucher form
4. Inverted comma error fixed


What's new in 4.3.2

1. Service and items in same invoice
2. Bug fixes
3. Month wise transactions to make it fast


What's new in 4.3.1

1. Small bug fixes


What's new in 4.3.0

1. Dashboard
2. New Settings
3. Bug fixes and minor enhancements


What's new in 4.2.0

1. Multiple Expenses/Income
2. Multiple accounts Debit/Credit note
3. Font size fixes
4. Faster saving of transactions
5. General bug fixes
6. Faster loading of Ratio Analysis/Balance Sheet


What's new in

1. Bug fixes & performance improvement
2. Sales invoice can be opned in word
3. Generate invoice opens just after transaction is successful


What's new in 4.1.1

1. Discount while making/receiving payment
2. Multiple 'other charges' during sales
3. Send remittance advice
4. Total quantity of goods displayed in invoice
5. Amounts are now displayed with country-specific number formats, can be changed from Settings