Main Screen

The main screen which appears after initial loading is the ‘Company’ screen.



Here you can view a list of companies that you have created along with the database names.

Also, you can create new companies here.

There are create company and restore buttons. Image on the right shows the main screen
of Book Keeper.

Click on create company button to create a new company.
Click on restore button to restore the the company’s data from the SD card.

This screen consists of a list containing different company names along with their database names.

A new database is created for each company. Please note that the database name can’t be changed once a company is created. You can change the company name.

Tap on company name navigates you to different Tabs like Masters, Transactions, Display Reports etc.

Long press on company name displays three options:-

Backup company data to the SD card: Backup company data to SD card takes backup on the SD card. Backup files are stored in the path /sdcard/Book Keeper
Backup company data to Email: Backup company data as an attachment to any of your mailboxes. You can restore company data anytime by opening the attachment in Book Keeper.
Alter company details: Alter company details allows you to alter company name and its financial year.
Delete the company: Delete company deletes the entire company details from the phone. This operation can’t be undone.