FAQ page:

What's difference between yearly subscription and one time/lifetime plan?
In yearly subscription plan, you need to renew subscription every year to continue using Book Keeper application, while lifetime plan is valid for 10 years. Both plans include FREE Updates, FREE Support, FREE Sync, FREE License Transfer.
If I want to purchase yearly subscription/lifetime plan, how can I make the payment?
You can pay via Google Wallet or iTunes account from within the app. You can pay on our website also. You need to first register with your email ID. Then you need to login with your email ID and password to purchase it. For international users, payment can be done via Paypal. For Indian users, payment can be done using credit card/debit card/net banking. You can even deposit in bank.
I have purchased subscription/lifetime plan, how will I unlock Book Keeper and use it on my device?
When you open Book Keeper and trial period has expired, you need to press the Login button and enter your credentials (Email ID and Password with which you registered on our website while purchasing). After successful login on your device, the app will be unlocked. Also, there is a Login option in settings within the application.
If I download Book Keeper on any platform: iOS, Android or Windows, how many free trial days do I get?

Book Keeper is available as a free download on three platforms: iOS, Android, Windows but with a 14-day trial version. The app gets restricted after 14 days, after which you need to purchase Book Keeper yearly subscription/one time plan. Pricing details are given here.

After my trial period is expired, will I be able to use it without purchasing Book Keeper?
No, you will not be able to use Book Keeper on your device after trial period has expired unless you purchase. Pricing details are given here. As soon as your trial is going to over, application will show you notification. We strongly recommend to take backup of your data.
After I purchase yearly subscription/lifetime plan, how many devices will I be able to use Book Keeper on?
It depends on which plan you choose. Suppose you chose 3 devices, you can use it across any combination of devices: 1 mobile+2 computers or 2 mobiles+1 computer.
I want to upgrade my plan, what should I do?
For upgrading lifetime plan, login on the website and choose upgrade option. For upgrading subscription plans, just drop us an email at support@bookkeeperapp.net
While installing Book Keeper Windows, it asks for .NET framework. What's that?
Microsoft .NET is required for Book Keeper Windows. Microsoft .NET is preinstalled in latest version of Windows, if it is not installed, you can download it from Microsoft website: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851

Where is my data? Do you store it on your server or cloud?
Don’t worry about your data. We understand your data is confidential. We don’t have access to your data. All your data is stored on your device only. However if you enable Auto Sync feature, your data is stored on your Dropbox account.
If I change my device or buy new device, do I need to buy subscription again?
No, You can easily transfer your subscription to new device. Just make sure to take backup of all your data.

  1. Download Book Keeper on new device and restore your backup.
  2. Once everything is setup, just login to our website: Login and under My Device heading, you can remove old devices.
  3. Open Book Keeper in your new device > Open Company > Settings > Login with your registered email id and password.
What if I lost my device or device crashed, how can I retrieve my data?
All your data is stored locally on your phone only. We strongly recommend to take backup weekly. You can take backup on email or memory card or on dropbox. We have also provided option for Auto Sync, which take care of everything on its own. You can retireve your data, if you have taken backup or enabled Auto Sync.
I was using Book Keeper on my device which got lost recently. My entire data was stored in my device. Will I be able to recover my data by any means?
There are two ways to recover your data:
a. If you have enabled Auto Sync earlier, you can retrieve all your data by enabling Auto Sync again.
b. If you have taken backup on email or memory card, you can recover it.
Is the app Tally™ compatible?
Yes, Book Keeper Android is Tally™ compatible. You can sync your company accounts with Tally™, import existing Tally™ Masters into Book Keeper, export Masters and Transactions from Book Keeper to Tally™. Book Keeper isn’t compatible with any other software.
There is some issue with installation of Book Keeper Windows, what should I do?
Just install Team Viewer on your system. Our experts will check it remotely and fix it.
Does the app support online accounting from a web browser?
No, Book Keeper doesn’t support accounting from a web browser. You have to install the app on your mobile/PC to manage your accounts.
I want my company data on one device to reflect on other devices? OR How do I sync my company data across different Android, iOS or Windows devices?
The unique database design of Book Keeper makes sure that your database on one device works on other devices, be it Android, iOS or Windows. Syncing can be done in two ways.

a) Manual Sync: You have to backup your company database from one device and then restore the same on other device. You can backup via mailbox, Bluetooth, manual copy etc. Read this for more.

b) Auto Sync: You will have to link Book Keeper to your Dropbox account from multiple devices. Changes made on one device are automatically reflected on other devices. Read this for more.