What fuels your passion

Do Cool Things That Matter

So, you’ve got your degree, or you will soon enough. Now it’s time to take on the working world. We know deciding where to start your career can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. We have got lots of option for you, where you will be given the opportunity to learn, gain insight, have fun and, most importantly, get hands-on experience in solving real problems on real projects.

We seek for genuine passion and curiosity about technology, creative thinking and the desire to work with startups.



Job Description

Scenario 1: –you can challenge yourself everyday to think something new and innovative

Scenario 2: –you wake up at 2 am and can’t go back to sleep because you just thought of a killer way of doing something

Scenario 3: –you have the passion of doing something different

Scenario 4:–a bug is annoying you so much that you will not rest unless you fix it

Scenario 5:you can’t digest your food, until you do something crazy


If these scenarios appeal to you, then you’re our person. A deep love of what you do is what you should have. You will have broad goals and will have a lot of independence; it is up to you how you choose to use it. Equally it is important that you must be flexible enough to deal with the demanding & sometimes unexpected nature of working in a startup. We look for problem solvers not complainers.

For further details, write to us at contact@bookkeeperapp.net